Useful materials


Dobie, C. (2020). A Handbook of Project Management: A complete guide for beginners to professionals.

The basic scope of this book includes the processes and techniques used in each of the project management functions by which a project manager delivers projects. The book includes templates that will help you put these principles into practice in the workplace. This book will attract to both beginner and advanced users. We especially recommend it to project managers in any

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PMBOK® Guide (2021)

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is a critical resource for effective project management in any industry. This updated edition presents 12 project management principles as well as eight project performance domains that are critical for the successful delivery of project outcomes. This, like the previous source, is a beginning project management book that provides a non-specific, industry-independent insight into the project management toolbox. And the most recent edition considers the economic, technological, and social changes that have occurred.

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Wu, T. (2020). Optimizing Project Management (1st ed.). Auerbach Publications

By balancing and blending competing methodologies and broad principles, processes and practices, and the need to understand versus the need to apply, this book aims to provide an optimized view of project management. This book is primarily aimed at professionals with prior experience in project management, so it is a more advanced read.

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Kerzner, Harold. Project management metrics, KPIs, and dashboards: a guide to measuring and monitoring project performance. John Wiley & Sons, 2022.

A completed project is not synonymous with a successful project. Measurability is also established as part of the project management process. It is critical to determine at the outset of the project what tools and methods will be used to make the project measurable. As a result, the book provides insight into a subset of project management. The book is not only for those who are interested in numbers.

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Alvarenga, J. C., Branco, R. R., Guedes, A. L. A., Soares, C. A. P., & e Silva, W. D. S. (2019). The project manager core competencies to project success. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

Several decades of research have revealed a link between the success of a project and the competencies of the project manager who coordinates it. The study sheds light on what qualities are required for successful project work through empirical research. The authors surveyed project managers on the importance of 28 project manager competencies to project success. Univariate and multivariate procedures were used to analyze the data. Whether we participate in a process as a project employee or as a project manager responsible for HR issues, it is critical to understand what qualities are required of a project manager to ensure success.

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